First Time Buyer

First Time Buyer’s Heed The Warning! All That Glitters Is Not Gold! So Be Sure Before You Buy!

Buying Customer return stock is not buying wholesale stock from other regular wholesale outlets. Most of our goods are sold in mixed pallets or parcel lots and every pallet has its own variation or mix of products.

The vital thing to be aware of is buying bulk customer or catalogue returns is not like any other way for buying Bulk Deals Stock. You get a mixture of parcels that vary from amazing items to your typically ordinary every day stock. You will need to work hard when you dealing with customer dealer stock irrespective of wherever you buy it from. If you are unsure about anything just call us or drop us a mail and we will more than happy to answer your questions. We have a good knowledge base between our various staff and all that experience is at your disposal free of charge, so tap into it. Do not buy blindly.

The stock we sell is all raw graded stock so you will get some new, used but perfect, damaged or even broken items and this will also apply to even in parcels sold as clearance and end of line; you could well find a or some damaged items, it shouldn’t happen but it can. Please check the Grades Explained section before you buy as we cannot accept returns on any parcel.

Just to re-affirm you are buying customer returns and therefore, you will get some broken, damaged, faulty and perfect goods all mixed within the parcels or pallets. The amount can vary from pallet to pallet. You can get good and bad pallets and the condition can also vary depending on where the stock came from. Some companies goes through the returns, some don’t and whilst we Endeavour to stick with companies that don’t go through they returns we cannot also guarantee.

You will pay the percentage of the original retail value, which is given by our suppliers. Prices can change but the prices are generally used to calculate the cost of an item only, regardless of what you may find online is the price they give that matters.

Please ring up or drop us a line and we will try to answer any question you have. We want your business, we want your money but we also find that customers whose money grows are of greater values to us, so we will be honest about the stock we sell as we know there is good profit in the parcels for anyone who is willing to work on them.

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