Enjoy, Having The Conventional Coffee Machine With Ascaso’s “Dream”!!

Posted on December 24, 2015 at 5:18 PM

This model of Ascaso known as the “DREAM” i.e, one of the most emblematic coffee machines of the whole Ascaso factory. This energy efficient machine was designed by Marc Aranyó, who has perfectly combined the old look with the latest micro-architectural technology. More than just decorating the shelf top, this espresso coffee machine supplies a professional extraction and versatility with quality to offer varieties of coffee (espresso, medium, large) including cappuccino and related latte varieties. And always, with best simplicity for its daily use.


Provides Professional Quality Coffee Group - 
The dream is made up of with a high quality brass and designed to allot the heat uniformly for our espresso to remain a consistent temperature and for a smoother extraction.

Constructed With Thermo Block Aluminium (MOBILE FILTERHOLDER) - 
It is of high quality which means it can arrive at only working temperatures very rapidly and in sequence. Two of the thermostats deals with the temperature of the coffee and steam and a reset table thermostat guard or protects the machine from any of the accidental overheating. Oversized to promise professional thermal stability and generates quality in every cup. The water goes around through an Inox circuit, which reduces the lime scale build-up to a minimum. It also generates a limitless supply of steam.

Use Of Pump 16 Bar -
The professional water pump which allows the distribution of water over the coffee at the favorable pressure to draw out the maximum aroma, flavor and organoleptic features.

Water-Tank Capacity Of 1.3 Liters -
Smooth removable of tank for maintenance and cleaning and of comfortable visual access to check the amount of water in the tank. It maybe possible to fill the tank with the coffee machine during the time of operation.

Temperature Control -
The external thermometer, designed for fitting into a vintage aesthetics, leaves the temperature of the boiler in the coffee versions (Boiler /Thermoblock) and steam.

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